Ukulele – Uke-u-yay-le 🤗

Class 10 have been working hard learning how to correctly play the ukulele.

We first looked at the 4 strings on a ukulele and learnt their names: GCEA. We put this in to a fun acronym to always remember the strings:
G – good
C – cats
E – eat
A – anything

After we learnt the strings we had a fun time just exploring the ukuleles and the sounds each string make. We developed on this by learning the correct strumming technique and how to hold the ukulele for effective playing.

I have since taught class 10 how to play chords C, Am and F, individually and in chord patterns. We learnt to strum in time and with a group and had a few children have a go at conducting the class to a standard 4/4 rhythm.

Children further went on to creating their own music using these chords and arranging a small piece and performing it in time and with confidence.

It is lovely to see how far the class have come on with this and they have really been enjoying our ukulele sessions.

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 was the coldest one I’ve ever done… but it was the best fun ever!

The children embraced the weather and came to school all full of smiles and living in a world of magic, awe and wonder. We had an array of outfits on display and the effort put in was incredible. So thank you to all the parents for your effort.

During the morning we looked at extracts of books and unpicked them on our tables. Reviewing them, analysing the language, discussing plot predictions and character developments. It was great to engage the children in a variety of texts, none of which they had read before!

They were all found on the official world book day website for free!

So make the most of the snow and cold and go and explore:

Language workshops by Bournside

This Wednesday Year 3 and 4 were lucky to have a fun language workshop led by GCSE students from Bournside Secondary School.

We work very closely with many departments at Bournside as it is our main feeder school and staff have worked very hard from both schools to build good working relationships to benefit pupils.

Mrs Fernandez from Bournside bought a selection of pupils to lead the children in both French and Spanish activities. The children loved these and were especially excited to learn Spanish, as we currently only teach French at St James’.

It was a great afternoon and it really created a buzz in the juniors. It was fantastic to hear some of the Year 3s and 4s talking to each other in a variety of languages of these workshops.

Myself and Mrs Fernandez have been talking about continuing these workshops and I am pleased to announce that more language experiences will be taking place in the summer term.

Thank you so much to Mrs Fernandez and the pupils from Bournside who braved the awful snow and cold to give us a wonderful and exciting afternoon.

Fun Fit sessions

Every Wednesday Classes 9 and 10 will be having Fun Fit Sessions led by Matt from Just Camps. During each hour long session Matt will be focusing on developing a specific muscle type and movement.

The aim of these sessions is to teach children about the correct movement and posture when exercising. We are really lucky that as a school we have been able to have this training and experience for two years running. The course is funded from our sports premium funding and so comes at no additional cost to parents.

The children loved their first week, which was focussing all on how to do the prefect burpee!

Thanks Matt and we look forward to learning many more moves over the coming weeks.

The Big First Aid Lesson


Friday was the day that’s St John’s Ambulance held a live ‘Big First Aid Lesson’.

Year 4 and 5 logged in and took part live along with hundreds of other schools.

We learnt how to treat burns that might happen with fireworks night coming up. We found out you must run it under cold water for at least 10 minutes to try and cool the burn. Then wrap it loosely in cling film or  a paper bag.

As well as learning how to save someone choking. We learnt about techniques called back blows and abdominal thrusts and got to recreate these ourselves if we needed to stop someone choking.

If you need to call an ambulance ring 999 or 112 from any phone.

Year 4 felt very confident leaving for a weekend full of fun and fireworks after having this training.

Today Year 3 and 4 had an Internet safety talk from a member of Gloucestershire police.

She talked about what websites many children might go on and how some of these sites might want your details.
They talked about the risks of having your own YouTube account. You shouldn’t have one if you are under the age of 17 as it could be dangerous putting your own videos up there.
We talked about bullying and how it is possible to get bullied on the internet as people can say mean things or post horrible videos and pictures of you.
We talked about reporting people who are upsetting you online… you can tell your parents, report them within the game, mention them to the Internet police.
You have to be careful about giving out your personal information such as: address, name, date of birth, email, your school, password, telephone number etc – you can protect against this by sometimes creating a username (a nickname that isn’t you) and just not giving certain information.
If people ask you questions you don’t want to answer, don’t lie, but just don’t tell them the answers, either ignore them or say no.
It was a really informative talk that answered a lot of questions about how to protect yourself online including appropriate websites for us to use at our age.

Pan European Gaming Information – PEGI is the age range for games that you should be playing or buying. 

Sports Day

Infant sports day is always a highly anticipated day and a great experience for the children to take part in a wide variety of sporting events and generally just have fun with their peers.

The sun shone and the day was buzzing. This year infants came in to school already in their PE kits, this privilege is usually for juniors only, but the children loved it and showed pride in wearing their house colours.

The whole morning was busy and hot, but behaviour was excellent and beaming faces were seen from all angles. Well done to all the children who took part. Enjoy some of the photos from the morning.



Phonics Games and Information

Dear Parents / Guardians,

With the phonics check coming up soon after half term, we thought we would send you some links to fun phonics websites to let your children play with.

The games listed below will help encourage your children to segment and blend unfamiliar words. We hope that these sites will help you and your child to have some phonics fun.

Some of these games may require an email address to sign up to but they should all be free of charge and many also available as iPad / Tablet apps too!

We hope you enjoy the half term break and we will see you and your wonderful children back with big smiles on Wednesday 7th June.

Best wishes,

Miss J. Cosh and Mrs R. Hughes

Art week

What a fantastic and creative week we have had not just in year 1, but in the whole school! The children have loved finding out more about South American heritage and using this as inspiration for some truly beautiful art pieces.

With the weather improving we also used this week to do some spring inspired art work using a range of resources and techniques such as: pencil sketching daffodils, oil pastel colouring of blossom and Lego and creative collages of a spring scene. It was wonderful letting the children think of this last piece solely independently and great to see all the different and creative interpretations of a spring scene.

Miss Ladley and I were blown away from the resilience of the children and the kindness shown with sharing resources throughout this week. Art week as a whole school means you have 14 classes all wanting resources at the same time and our children were super with sharing, which is always lovely to see.

We learnt all about weaving and made beautiful colourful pictures  by weaving strips of paper and the effects were incredible. We also painted paper plates and the name turned these in to bowls by cutting strips in to it and weaving vibrant colours of wool around it.

Our library resource box has been amazing this term and in it were tiny woollen people and a little llama which we used as inspiration to create pictures of. Some children even used sticks and spare wool and fabric to try and make their own later on in the week during golden time.

The highlight of art week was the look on the faces of our classes when they had their turn in the hall looking at all the the work from other classes and the sheer delight at seeing their own work so professionally on display. I must say, it creates the most overwhelming sense of pride as a teacher seeing the hard work of your pupils be so appreciated by others and also the fact that the children got to show off all their effort and rightly so!

The hall after school was packed full of amazed parents and excited children getting to share all their achievements. What an amazing and creative week and thank you to Mrs West our art coordinator for such a wonderful event. Enjoy some pictures of the amazing work from every year group on my twitter feed…




Chocolate! Chocolate! Everywhere!


Our new topic has started and it’s a sweet one! Class 3 and 4 have been having some exciting topic theme days learning loads and loads about chocolate.

Our first theme day was focused around the cacao tree and as the question does chocolate grow on trees!? We then began locating using maps and atlases where in the world we can find the cacao tree. We looked into the climate needing to grow cacao trees and what the tree is made up of. We learnt about the cacao bean and how you need to grind it down to make cacao powder, which is then used in making chocolate.

We also got messy and made paper mache cacao beans, using strips of bright coloured paper and gluing it around small balloons. It helped the children really understand the colours of the bean and the shade and texture of it.

img_4639We also thought about the sugar in chocolate and had to guess how many suagar cubes was in a huge bar of dairy milk! Miss Cosh got us thinking about how to be healthy if eating chocolate and got us running on the spot and doing star jumps for ages. Did you know you need to run really fast for over ten whole minutes just to burn off the fat and sugar in a Freddo Bar?! With Miss Cosh we also though about how chocolate can change state and can go from a solid to a liquid. We found out that chocolate melts when it gets hot and got a bit messy melting chocolate. We then dipped some fruit in chocolate and had to wait till later to see if it would go back to being a solid when we left it in the fridge. It was a tasty and messy experiment.