A new term

Wow what a crazy and exciting first week back!?

Mrs Hughes and I had been busy plotting and planning all EASTER and on Tuesday we finally got to share with our Year 1 children our new topic of Circus! Although, with our brightly decorated classrooms and corridors, most managed to guess pretty quickly…

We let the children lead our learning and they have “planned” out some amazing ideas, including learning about:

  • money, shape and time in maths
  • ticket making and persuasive writing in literacy
  •  balancing, gymnastics and circus skills in PE
  • Using ICT to create posters 
  • and to really finish the topic with a BANG they decided we should put on our very own St James’ Circus!! So watch this space…

The very next day we had an amazing treat of getting a circus performer in to teach us some key skills! He was amazing and using our iPads we got some great slow motion videos of how to perform some super acts… Within half an hour of finishing the majority of class 3 and 4 were in our Year 1 garden practicing what they had just leant. Mrs Hughes and I were amazed at such a sudden focus and development in gross and fine motor skills, as well as coordination and reflexes.

On Wednesday after we were getting sporty with house football on the junior playground. All houses played brilliantly and Mrs Pullen was really impressed with the skill shown by some of our Year 1s. She also commented on how supportive all the children were during every match, which is wonderful to be credited on. 

Throughout the week we have been super busy glazing all 60 of our clay penguins that we made last term. These take a long time to do and you really need to build up the layers of paint to end up with a professional end result. Every child has taken their time and concentrated  brilliantly whilst doing this. It’s a difficult and careful task to undertake, but they really prove what you can achieve with some focus. Loads of parents have popped in during the week to help which has been lovely and means we can get through so many more. We think they will appreciate just how long a process clay work is, but we think it is worth it as they really will look fantastic once complete.


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