A new year…

With the Summer holidays whizzing by its that time of year again where we welcome a new class …

It it is always a lovely time getting to know your new students and this year is no different.

As well as getting to know 30 new children, you also have to learn all the new faces of parents, grandparents, child minders etc and it is a whirlwind to get your head around. But it is so nice, at the end of the day, seeing all the smiling parents waiting to see their children again after a long day of school….

So many have said to me how tired their children are and I don’t blame them! They have been working super hard in class 4 this week and sharing so many wonderful stories about their summer holidays. We have used this as inspiration for create some wonderful writing, role play ideas and some super creative arts and crafts. I am always impressed at how quickly the children settle back in to a routine…

The writing in year 1 is wonderful and the children were clearly working very hard on establishing the correct pencil grip whilst in reception. This is so important and fine motor development is key to creating a strong writing style and having stamina when writing. It is evident how hard the reception team worked at this and I am really excited to introduce the children to cursive writing. It is so much easier to do cursive if you have a good pencil grip, so watch this space with our writing in year 1…


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