Term 1 isn’t even over yet and we just can’t stop learning!

What fun and excitement we have had in the first five weeks! Year 1 are beginning to transition and adapt to their new classrooms and a new way of learning and it has been super! We have been lucky mostly with the weather and been able to learn and play in our year 1 garden a lot of the time. It has been great to see so many children learning to share and take turns and this ties in with our value this term that is cooperation. 


In maths we have been working on recognising numbers and showing their value in different ways. Look at all the amazing ways we can show numbers and the different equipment we are learning to use.


We have ordered numbers to 10 and even higher and also stretched ourselves by having to think of missing numbers and how we know that number is missing…

We also showed how we could represent those numbers and their value by using the squares in our book, one square per number and we noticed it made steps in our book getting bigger and bigger as the number got bigger.


We looked at number bonds and how to make 10 using a ten frame. These were a bit tricky to draw but we soon got the hang of it! We stretched ourselves by having to prove our work and show we knew how we got to that answer.

Enter a caption

We have also had a bit of fun by dressing up as superheroes for the day! This was because superheroes have to show they can face anything, even if it’s scary and new and that’s what we are learning to do at school.


Miss cosh made us go for a long run around the field dressed as super heroes and it was so funny having our capes billowing out behind us as we ran! We tried out our super hero poses as we ran and kept going even when we were getting a bit tired! After all, a superhero can’t stop just cus he’s tired!!

With all this fun and learning we even had time to develop our fine motor skills! Have you heard of Dough Disco? No? Well it’s amazing!! We have a warm up video which is super quick and we have to squeeze and push and roll a piece of play dough.


Then Miss Cosh puts on some music and we can sing along and create a picture out of our play dough. We have until the song ends to finish it. Miss Cosh played “under the sea” from the little mermaid so we all created things we might find in the ocean, like mermaids or fish or ships! It was great fun and a real work out for our fingers!

Can you believe all that we have done in Year 1 in just a few weeks?! It’s amazing!

Year 1 will certainly be ready for half term soon!

One proud and tired teacher, 30 smiley and sleepy children!


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