Behaviour system in year 1

In year 1 we introduce the whole school behvious system. Every child had their own name label and we begin each day like new with the names all going back to a good start. This helps the children with their confidence at know that every day they can chose whethere they are going to make positive or negative behiour choices and that no matter what it is a fresh start…

The children start on this every morning so they learn that every day is a new chance and a fresh start…


We have 3 lower tiers on our behiour chart and the children have to move their name down themselves so they are active in their behaviour management. Names can be moved down for a number of reasons including: not listening, disrupting other children’s learning, rude behaviour, negative choices, not showing our school values in an unkind way.

In class 4 if a child has to move their name down and it is still there at the end of the day they lose 5 minutes of the Golden Time on a Friday afternoon. It is important that children understand that their actions have consequences and we tend to see an improvement in behaviour when children realise this…

Children always get a verbal before their name is first moved down. Then if their behiour continues to be disruptive they are given a 5 minute time out within the classroom or in another nearby class to think about their actions and have some time to reflect on their choices. Occasisionally in extreme cases a child will be moved down to red alert, it doesn’t tend to be a common occurrence but if this happens their parents will be contacted and we will explain what has happened for their child to be on this tier of behaviour.

We put a real focus on the positive behiour in class 4 and children can move their name up throughout the day for a good working attitude, showing kindness or other school values, attitude and effort and many other reasons. It is great that a child can alter their a choices throughout the day and they see that just because your name was moved down for one thing you do have the opportunity to get it moved up for better choices later in the day. Children also receive 2 house points for moving their name up to super star and this adds a real team spirit within the class.

My favourite bit of our behaviour chart is exclusive to year 1 as we have a higher positive tier after super star material. The name of this changes every term depending on our topic and parents and children have always responded positively to this. At the moment it is called “Awesome Astronaut” and not only does the child earn 5 house points for getting on this, they also get a certificate to take home. So they have a real sense of team reward and individual reward. Children get so excited when they get on to this and really strive to be on it! We even began introducing s higher level which means the child gets a sticker added to their certificate. This is currently called “being out of this to world” in relation to our space and alien topic.

The key to all behiour management systems is consistency and reward and consequence. The children in class 4 know never to ask to move their name up, this reward has to be earned and valued… They also know exactly when they have made a choice that means their name will have to be moved down…


Hopefully you will see and hear about the success of your child throughout the year and I am always so proud in how they grow throughout the year. We keep a record of the children who move their name down each week and we find that as the terms move on this gets less and less which is super to see children developing and making positive choices throughout the school day.




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