Going Green

Today we got inspired by our alien visitors we have been having all term and created a drink fit for any creature who is out of this world…

We had the kind help and assistance by Alex Hodgkinson-Last, one of the daddies in our year, but also health food fanatic and super smoothie maker! He bought in a varied bag of ingredients that left our children, and adults, sceptical of what we might be about to make. Limes, fruit juice, bananas and spinach were amongst the items for our recipe.

The children helped tear, squeeze, pour and chop it all up ready to then whizz it in the blender. What appeared 30 seconds later was the greenest drink you will ever see. It was fit enough for any alien you may stumble across but the children looked less than convinced. However every single one of them gave it ago and tried some of the smoothie and … THEY LOVED IT!! Yes you heard right, all of them commented on how yummy, tasty, delicious, juicy and amazing it was. If you don’t believe me, let the pictures convince you!

We also did plenty of other food related activities throughout the day… we worked in small groups doing instruction writing, we designed our own smoothie bottles and labels, we used feely bags to guess new and exotic fruit and vegetables and we had to guess how much sugar certain popular drinks contained (a shocking amount in all of them!!)

Thank you so much to Alex for coming in and teaching the children about trying to foods and drinks. They relished the chance to get cooking and we always ask if any parents have any secret baking talents then let us know and come on in to help!

2 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Lovely to hear about what they get up to – Orla looks very happy – would love tips on how to convince her to drink a green smoothie at home (or even a purple one)!


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