Chocolate! Chocolate! Everywhere!


Our new topic has started and it’s a sweet one! Class 3 and 4 have been having some exciting topic theme days learning loads and loads about chocolate.

Our first theme day was focused around the cacao tree and as the question does chocolate grow on trees!? We then began locating using maps and atlases where in the world we can find the cacao tree. We looked into the climate needing to grow cacao trees and what the tree is made up of. We learnt about the cacao bean and how you need to grind it down to make cacao powder, which is then used in making chocolate.

We also got messy and made paper mache cacao beans, using strips of bright coloured paper and gluing it around small balloons. It helped the children really understand the colours of the bean and the shade and texture of it.

img_4639We also thought about the sugar in chocolate and had to guess how many suagar cubes was in a huge bar of dairy milk! Miss Cosh got us thinking about how to be healthy if eating chocolate and got us running on the spot and doing star jumps for ages. Did you know you need to run really fast for over ten whole minutes just to burn off the fat and sugar in a Freddo Bar?! With Miss Cosh we also though about how chocolate can change state and can go from a solid to a liquid. We found out that chocolate melts when it gets hot and got a bit messy melting chocolate. We then dipped some fruit in chocolate and had to wait till later to see if it would go back to being a solid when we left it in the fridge. It was a tasty and messy experiment.

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