Key Stage 1 House Football

Recently the year 1 and 2 children got to play in a house football tournament.

So many children were interested in playing that we decided to pick the teams out of a hat and have boys and girls from each class playing.

It was a cold and frosty day, but this didn’t deter the spirit of the game. The children played fantastically and were so enthusiastic of all the other teams playing.

It was close with the scores and it came down to just 1 goal that then ultimately decided who the winners were.

But that wasn’t the only exciting thing happening, whilst Miss Cosh was busy referring the football matches with our sports apprentice Libby; the rest of the key stage were taking part in some exciting football drills including: dribbling, ladder runs, striking, throw ins, safe tackling etc.

It was a great afternoon and the children loved the massive group warm up we did in the hall. Miss Cosh certainly makes sure to egg everyone’s hearts pumping and muscles warm!

The best bit though was finding out the results, and the winners of Key Stage 1 House Football 2016 was… FIRE HOUSE!!

Well done to everyone who took part and all the staff who helped. Enjoy the photos below 🙂 Miss Cosh x

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