Art week

What a fantastic and creative week we have had not just in year 1, but in the whole school! The children have loved finding out more about South American heritage and using this as inspiration for some truly beautiful art pieces.

With the weather improving we also used this week to do some spring inspired art work using a range of resources and techniques such as: pencil sketching daffodils, oil pastel colouring of blossom and Lego and creative collages of a spring scene. It was wonderful letting the children think of this last piece solely independently and great to see all the different and creative interpretations of a spring scene.

Miss Ladley and I were blown away from the resilience of the children and the kindness shown with sharing resources throughout this week. Art week as a whole school means you have 14 classes all wanting resources at the same time and our children were super with sharing, which is always lovely to see.

We learnt all about weaving and made beautiful colourful pictures  by weaving strips of paper and the effects were incredible. We also painted paper plates and the name turned these in to bowls by cutting strips in to it and weaving vibrant colours of wool around it.

Our library resource box has been amazing this term and in it were tiny woollen people and a little llama which we used as inspiration to create pictures of. Some children even used sticks and spare wool and fabric to try and make their own later on in the week during golden time.

The highlight of art week was the look on the faces of our classes when they had their turn in the hall looking at all the the work from other classes and the sheer delight at seeing their own work so professionally on display. I must say, it creates the most overwhelming sense of pride as a teacher seeing the hard work of your pupils be so appreciated by others and also the fact that the children got to show off all their effort and rightly so!

The hall after school was packed full of amazed parents and excited children getting to share all their achievements. What an amazing and creative week and thank you to Mrs West our art coordinator for such a wonderful event. Enjoy some pictures of the amazing work from every year group on my twitter feed…




One thought on “Art week

  1. It was excellent, I agree. Year One, your art work is amazing and beautifully presented. Year Five also loved the experience and the results were great. We press printed our own glyphs, made little Maya books of numbers and learnt about the history of writing. A well as creating little clay images of people that inspire us.


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