Language workshops by Bournside

This Wednesday Year 3 and 4 were lucky to have a fun language workshop led by GCSE students from Bournside Secondary School.

We work very closely with many departments at Bournside as it is our main feeder school and staff have worked very hard from both schools to build good working relationships to benefit pupils.

Mrs Fernandez from Bournside bought a selection of pupils to lead the children in both French and Spanish activities. The children loved these and were especially excited to learn Spanish, as we currently only teach French at St James’.

It was a great afternoon and it really created a buzz in the juniors. It was fantastic to hear some of the Year 3s and 4s talking to each other in a variety of languages of these workshops.

Myself and Mrs Fernandez have been talking about continuing these workshops and I am pleased to announce that more language experiences will be taking place in the summer term.

Thank you so much to Mrs Fernandez and the pupils from Bournside who braved the awful snow and cold to give us a wonderful and exciting afternoon.

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