Ukulele – Uke-u-yay-le ðŸ¤—

Class 10 have been working hard learning how to correctly play the ukulele.

We first looked at the 4 strings on a ukulele and learnt their names: GCEA. We put this in to a fun acronym to always remember the strings:
G – good
C – cats
E – eat
A – anything

After we learnt the strings we had a fun time just exploring the ukuleles and the sounds each string make. We developed on this by learning the correct strumming technique and how to hold the ukulele for effective playing.

I have since taught class 10 how to play chords C, Am and F, individually and in chord patterns. We learnt to strum in time and with a group and had a few children have a go at conducting the class to a standard 4/4 rhythm.

Children further went on to creating their own music using these chords and arranging a small piece and performing it in time and with confidence.

It is lovely to see how far the class have come on with this and they have really been enjoying our ukulele sessions.

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